Sunday, October 14, 2012

First post of October, wow I'm behind!

In my defense, there has been a lot going on and MOST of what's been going on is stuff I can't talk about. We all know how I am with keeping things quiet so... moving on....

The kids are great. Kaeden is doing super in school. We get his first report card in about a week and a half. I'm very anxious for it. He's got a couple more soccer games left and he has definitely been playing much better than last year. He is ready for Halloween big time and he will be going as Chop Chop (it's a skylander). Kaeden has been doing really, really well in awana this year as well. He's already earned his second patch and second wings and last week he asked for his first bible. I was really excited to see that he is taking interest in the right things.

Brennan has 5 teeth and the 6th one has just popped through. I know it's really going to change his appearance when he has 8 teeth instead of 4, not looking forward to that. He is full of craziness. Seriously. I can't keep him out of things that he's not supposed to be in or from making messes; I kinda sort of love every minute of it. I'm still very undecided what he's going to be for Halloween, mainly because he hates anything on his head. as of now we think he's going to be Smokey.

Chad and I both well. Chad is in Florida right now and has been for about a week and half; I have just been "fall" cleaning if you will and crafting a bit since he's been gone.

I've really been dreading these updates, mostly because I let so much time pass that I've forgotten the funny things Kaeden has said or the cute things Brennan has done. So I've decided that nightly I will be writing something in a word document and I'll just copy that with some pictures on Sunday night and there will be my blog post for the week. Big, big changes are coming soon and I know I don't want to miss out on blogging that.

 That, incase you are wondering, is blue dawn. I was standing at the sink doing dishes and I turn around and he has almost emptied a bottle. I have quickly learned that silence is NOT golden in this house.

These days it's hard to get Kaeden to want to take pictures. We did just get his soccer pictures back and so I will do my best to get some of those up shortly!

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