Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Bike Riding, Vegas, El Mirage, and Slide climbing

I wrote this last night and got to tired to upload photos/videos. So forgive me when everything was written like it was Monday!

The kids have been reaching milestone after milestone the past couple weeks.

Kaeden can officially ride his bike without training wheels! We are so proud of him. He just took off, and has only gotten better since. It's amazing!

I have a video of it, I just need to figure out how to get on it here. But trust me, it's way cool and I'm super amazed!

Kaeden has also discovered that he can read and has been doing more and more of it. It's so awesome to hear him read some of Brennan's books to him.

Brennan eats insane amounts of food. Any food. All foods. He loves to eat. He also loves to walk, which he does EVERYWHERE now. He stands up by himself, picks stuff up and stands back up. He's very agile to be such a "little" guy.

This past week was a super eventful week, mainly for me and Chad but for the kids as well.

Chad and I went to Las Vegas for our 10 year anniversary and had a BLAST. We left the kids with a friend (so hard to do!) and took off. We stayed in a spa suite in the New York New York hotel and just had an amazing time. We rode the roller coaster, gambled a bit, drank, walked the strip. It was just a really awesome time to be able to sleep in a bit, and eat without being interrupted 600 times.

When we got back from Las Vegas we went camping in El Mirage and for a one night camping trip, I must say we had a great time. Kaeden liked riding quads with daddy and Brennan discovered he is in love with the dirt and all things filthy.

Today we just had a BBQ with some friends and Brennan found a new trick. Check this video out, and tell me I am NOT in big trouble....

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