Sunday, August 12, 2012

T minus one week until school YAY!

What did I do this week? Probably nothing lets recap:

Yeah, not much. Kaeden had VBS for 2 hours during the day this week. He had some fun, but was kinda grumpy about it a couple days. He's in this "I'm 6 years old and I'm going to test you every day for the next 12 years." YAY.

We swam a couple times this week seeing as it was well in the triple digits.

Took some pictures of Brennan and got his invitations made by my amazing friend, Kelly. I will post a picture of it when they have all been handed out...don't want to go spoiling nothing ;)

 Chad and I tried our hand at fondant decorations for Brennan's party and we did well for a trial run, here was the caterpillar cake topper I whipped up!
 I have been working on Brennan's quilt for a few weeks now and finally got the first layer done. I'm really excited for how this will turn out!

Kaeden starts school next Monday. It's so hard to believe he will in the 1st grade. Can we stop time yet?

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