Tuesday, May 22, 2012

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I love how when I was first starting this blog and even a few months after Brennan was born I would post at least 3 times a week. Now that Brennan is crawling, I'm lucky if I get to sit down 3 times a month and blog. I am going to add it to my "priority" list for at least once a week because it is really important for me to keep the family we are far away from updated on what's been going on!

So I'll start where I left off last post. We (Brennan and I) went to Portland earlier this month. The diaper company that we use (gDiapers) had a "casting call" if you will for baby models. I sent in pictures and prepared myself for a no. I didn't, however, get a no. What I got was a call on Thursday that Brennan was chosen and we were to be in Portland on Monday. Thankfully, Chad is such a great planner and budget-er that we were able to swing the last minute trip. My good friend volunteered to take Kaeden and we were off. Brennan did fairly well on the flight there. While we were in town we got to spend some time with my Aunt Cindy and Uncle Rick. It was amazing to spend some time with family that I have not seen in almost a decade, though it made me realize just how much I've missed them. We went to the photoshoot and Brennan was the biggest crabby patty ever! I have no idea if they will use him for what the need, but it was such an amazing experience to be able to say my son was a paid baby model! *I'm beaming with pride at this point*

Here are some pictures from that adventure

 I'm ready to go mama!
 I miss snow topped mountains

This is the co-owner of gDiapers, Kim. A fantastic lady to meet!

Okay so Portland was super fun, but it was a whirlwind trip. We left Sunday morning and go back late Monday night. Chad also left on Sunday for work his trip isn't a whirlwind trip though. He's *still* gone, and probably will be another 2 weeks. So, so sad.

So Brennan is an expert crawler and can pull himself up to a stand with very little effort.

Kaeden is almost done with Kindergarten, which is so very hard to believe. He gets out of school the first week of June. Tball is almost over and I think he has enjoyed playing that. We have finished up Awana for the school year and that was a huge blessing. He really loved that. Right now, he is VERY big into pokemon. If he isn't wanting to battle with pokemon cards, watch pokemon cartoons, or drawing his own pokemon cards...then he is sleeping.

Brennan turned 8 months last Friday. He was 19lbs and some odd ozs. He was also something inches tall but I don't remember. In case you haven't figure it out by now. He is still sleeping like complete poop. Which is why I can't remember anything (to update the blog or call you). Oh, yeah, and Chad's gone too which doesn't help with all that. Anyway....here are some "8 month" pics I took of Brennan.

My friend and I took our children to the aquarium in long beach this past weekend, it was super crowded but fun. Here are a couple pics from that. It was Brennan's first time and he was mesmerized!

Kaeden has been asking for a pet fish since February so we got him one after the aquarium. He chose a beautiful betta fish and named it "darkness". I'm not quite sure if we are going through an emo phase or what but I love him anyway!

Here are other pics/videos I have taken lately and I'll start doing my best to update every Sunday so I don't get so far behind.

In the video above, Kaeden was throwing this flying magnetic pic we have on to the fridge. Brennan thought it was hilarious. I wish I could find a way to secretly record him as he generally stops what he's doing and just stares at me like, "I'm not a circus monkey, I will not perform for you."

Last picture- My friend Faith is a phenomenal photographer and she decided to have a 1940's style party where everyone dressed up, had martinis and we did "pin up" style pictures. Each girl that participated will 3 finished photos. She has given me a little sneak peek though and sent me this one. I am so excited at how it turned out. I can't wait to see the other 2!

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