Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter!

Always a day late, huh?!

With as busy as our lives have started to get I really need to make sure that I write "blog" in on the callendar so that I don't forget to update this thing.

Last week was the first week that "Just Us" Cupcakes was open and I have 4 orders. Horray for not falling flat on my face the first week! I spent some time on Friday at a kids "play date in the park" handing out business cards in hopes of expanding my client base. I suppose we will see how that goes!

Kaeden and Brennan have been doing very well. Kaeden is on spring break this week, so that should be fun/interesting. Brennan has started to get up on his knees and acts like he is about to crawl. I'm so freaking out! I'm not ready for him to be such a big boy!!

Chad is gearing up to have his eye surgery done, he leaves in just a couple week for it. I know he is excited to not have to wear glasses anymore but I highly doubt you can look forward to having your eye cut on and the pain that comes with it.

Here are some recent pictures of the kids:

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