Monday, April 30, 2012

Wow. New layout makes for harder posting!

I truly am so sorry it has been so long since I have done any type of update on the family.

I have the following excuses:

Blogger changed their layout which is not only incredibly confusing to try to figure out a new website layout, but I can only use it on google chrome instead of internet explorer, which is frustrating.

I have baked 27 dozen cupcakes since opening my cupcake business 4 weeks ago. (12 of those were done this week)!

Brennan is doing EVERYTHING now. He crawls, he pulls up to standing, and he can go from a crawl to sitting. If I stop watching him for even a few moments, he is splashing in the dogs water or begging Kaeden for his food. AND since he never sleeps guess when that gives me time to blog? Never. 

So here is the update:

Kaeden is doing awesome. He really likes baseball even though it puts us at the baseball field 3 days a week. I don't necessarily like how the program is run, but they are 5 and 6 and have to learn the fundamentals at some point. His reading skills improve with what seems like each day, and it is so fun to watch him try to read every day things. He is ready to go on vacation again (to Hawaii) and often snorkels in the bathtub. In 10 years he will kill me for saying that.

Brennan is crazy. Within about 3 days of each other he started doing everything. The day after he turned 7 months I was getting a bath ready for him. I noticed I didn't have a towel so I left him sitting next to the tub, I went to get a towel, come back and he's STANDING- holding on to the bath tub. I wanted to push him down and tell him that was NOT allowed....but I didn't. I just stood there completely shocked at how much my baby isn't a baby anymore. I'd say about 2-3 days after that he was crawling around like it was his second nature. He loves to eat. I don't think we've met a food we didn't like yet. We went to outback this weekend and he ate almost (minus 2 tablespoons) a sweet potato. He also loves his big brother. Anytime you see Brennan smiling in a photo chances are it's because Kaeden was right behind me to make him laugh. 

Chad is doing well. He is working on taking some classes to finish up his degree. He leaves again next week for a couple weeks. He couldn't have his eye surgery done, but they told him to try again next year. So, we will!

I'm doing good, just baking cupcakes and trying to take care of the kids. I've started sewing again and I'm trying to get into decorating the house a little bit more since it seems we will be here for at least another 2 years, might as well try to make it "home".

We had family pictures made this weekend, I am hoping I like them more than the ones from Hawaii. My friend, Faith, is so talented though I think we really will.

So until I get those back here are some updated pictures of the kids:

One good thing about the new blogger layout is that uploading all of those photos was a breeze! Usually I really picked and chose the photos I wanted to upload because it took FOREVER, but that was super easy. Lucky you!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Happy 7 months Brennan

So I'm tired. Chad is out of town (not getting his eye surgery BTW, but that's another story)

Brennan is 7 months today. I took some cute pics. Here they are, enjoy. Maybe when Chad is back and I don't have 6,000 cupcake orders to fill I can update on what's been going on...which hasn't been much.

My friend Faith did these pictures, she RAWKS!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter!

Always a day late, huh?!

With as busy as our lives have started to get I really need to make sure that I write "blog" in on the callendar so that I don't forget to update this thing.

Last week was the first week that "Just Us" Cupcakes was open and I have 4 orders. Horray for not falling flat on my face the first week! I spent some time on Friday at a kids "play date in the park" handing out business cards in hopes of expanding my client base. I suppose we will see how that goes!

Kaeden and Brennan have been doing very well. Kaeden is on spring break this week, so that should be fun/interesting. Brennan has started to get up on his knees and acts like he is about to crawl. I'm so freaking out! I'm not ready for him to be such a big boy!!

Chad is gearing up to have his eye surgery done, he leaves in just a couple week for it. I know he is excited to not have to wear glasses anymore but I highly doubt you can look forward to having your eye cut on and the pain that comes with it.

Here are some recent pictures of the kids: