Monday, March 26, 2012

Basketball is over!

I am so thankful basketball is officially over!

Kaeden had his last game on Friday and they had a little party at the park afterwards. Here is a picture of him and his two best buddies. (It was super windy outside. So ignore K's hair!)

Baseball season starts tomorrow! I am so excited. I think baseball is something Kaeden could be really good at if he just focuses!

Brennan got a new tooth in other the weekend. So he has 2 bottom teeth now. I can't get him to hold still for a picture of them to save his life. He also rode in the cool "rocket" cart at the grocery store this weekend. Both my boys were so happy in it, until Brennan tried to take Kaeden's DSi. Welcome to having a little brother!

I took a few snapshots of Brennan trying to get some "Easter" style pics. Brennan is wearing the same outfit Kaeden did for his first Easter pictures. I hope to take some more soon, but there were pretty good considering it was an impromptu photo shoot.

So here is something fun (and slightly crazy)! I am starting up my own cupcake business from home! I'm not exactly sure where it came from I just know I had been baking cupcakes like crazy and I got really, really good at it. Some friends said I should sell them and the next thing I know; I'm having Chad make me a logo and I'm ordering cupcake containers!

So the name of my cupcake business is called "Just Us Cupcakes" I love this name because all I want to sell is cupcakes and since I'm a Justice major it's a perfect fit. I really hope I don't fall on my you know what with this thing! I just need to market them the right way and I know they will take off. Here is my awesome logo Chad made for me!

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