Friday, January 27, 2012

Report Card Time!

Wednesday was apparently report card day (this was news to me)! Kaeden's report card was beyond fantastic. He got "outstanding" in every area, and he is meeting/showing mastery of standards. His teacher wrote, "Kaeden is a very dependable boy and one of our better citizens. He is very cooperative and takes an active part in all of our classroom activities. He is showing great growth in all of the academic areas."

Chad and I could not be more proud. Today...Kindergarten, Tomorrow...the world :D

Yesterday was my weigh in day and despite the copious amounts of beer and cake I consumed over the weekend, I managed to lose 2 pounds. YAY for walking Kaeden home from school instead of driving!

Yesterday was also awana day and Kaeden earned 2 more awards. He got one jewel for memorizing 3 more verses and another one for attendance.

Brennan slept the longest he ever has last night from 9:15-5:30; it was AMAZING. I have zero expectations of what tonight might be like so every night that is a good night I will be thankful.

Tonight, the Nets had a basketball game and they actually won. Kaeden is improving, but improving from pretty terrible. It's not that he's necessarily bad, it's that he gets so excited to play with his friends he pays ZERO attention to the game. We'll work on it.

This weekend seems like it's going to be a pretty busy one, as always.

Hopefully I can snap a few pics of the boys and of all the crazy things we will be doing!

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