Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hawaii Day 5

Monday we went to Pearl Harbor, spent some time in the pool after that and headed down to our Luau that night.

Pearl Harbor was very touching, and I was very surprised and impressed with Kaeden's attentiveness. We bought a Bird of Paradise flower to lay on the memorial, but I forgot it when they wouldn't let strollers on the boat. Kaeden was devastated when we got to the memorial. Earlier I explained to him that leaving flowers was a way to honor the dead, he kept trying to tell me and Chad that we needed to go back and do the tour all over again (we had to wait in around for 2 hours in addition to the hour the tour was-no way were we doing it again) so we found some nice people leaving on the next tour who agreed to take Kaeden's flower to the memorial and all was right with the world. We played in the pool for about an hour and half then got ready for our Luau. The Luau was really awesome! They had different things set up to keep you entertained, like making a flower lei bracelet, "tattoos", a band, etc. Kaeden had a great time doing all the different things. Brennan was pretty cranky through out the Luau so I spent most of the time walking with him. I could still see the show and it was really cool to learn about the different Polynesian cultures. Perhaps the most memorable thing from the Luau was Kaeden looking at me in the middle of dinner, while trying to eat and apple, and he says, "I have a loose tooth." I brushed him off and he's like no really...and wiggles his tooth!!! So Kaeden got his first loose tooth at our Luau, very cool. When we got the picture back of the four of us they took on our way in Kaeden was making the funniest face and we couldn't figure out what he was doing. It finally it us later that night he is playing with his tooth with his tongue!

Part of the USS Arizona

Names of wonderful soliders who lost their life that day :(

I believe that is the Battleship Missouri in the background

Kaeden at the Luau

This chief climed to the top of that coconut tree just using a piece of fabric; it was CRAZY!

Kaeden loved being at the kids pool

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