Sunday, January 22, 2012

Happy 30th Birthday, my love!

So where to start....

Thursday is my "weigh in" day and.... I LOST 6 POUNDS!!! YAY ME! I will be the first to admit, I have a lot to lose (30 lbs), so getting a big jumpstart like this was a big boost in confidence. I was so small after doing Insanity last year before getting pregnant and I know I can do it again.

Thursday night was awana night and Kaeden had memorized 3 verses, which earned him his wings and first red jewel, yay! I forgot my camera (you are about to see a very common occurrence here). I'm really proud of my little guy. I know we need to start going to church together as a family. I think it would benefit us all.

Friday night we had his opening ceremony for basketball...and I forgot my camera. Seriously. I don't know what has come over me lately. They announced the teams, had their pictures made and then had hot dogs. Kaeden ate 2. I don't know what has come over him lately but he actually requests hot dogs. I'm so proud of him, perhaps a cowboy hat or some boots should be next on his list.

Saturday morning was Kaeden's first baksetball game. I'm not going to lie to you...he's not good. He just kinda mocks what the other kids do and seems generally confused. I will however say he has no issues taking the ball from a girl, because he totally did it during the game and I cheered a little inside.

Saturday night, I did the unthinkable. I left Kaeden and Brennan with a sitter. Not an adult friend of mine, a real, teeenage, I'm going to pay you to keep my children alive babysitter. I liked her. K seems to as well judging by the "I love boof ov you" note he wrote for her and her friend that got texted during our outing. So yay!

The reason we needed a sitter was becasue we had Chad's 30th birthday party dinner. It was at Bex, which is a really adorable restaurant and hang out that we have come to love. Great food, awesome atmosphere, great prices, and cheap(er) than other restaurants drinks. About 9 people showed up so it was perfect. After dinner, drinks, and some especially delicious cupcakes (Thanks Nadia Cakes) we went down stairs for some underground pool and you guessed it more drinks.

I would also like to say here, that I parallel parked for the first time and did an awesome job. Even the guy behind me said I did good. Proud Sommer moment there!

The night was great, and we really had a good time. So thanks to those who came out!

Today, was Chad's 30th birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHAD! We didn't do much, but did manage to get in some bowling and we cut (and ate) his birthday cake. I'm really damn proud of this birthday cake. Not because I made it or anything but because the people who did make it kick ass. They have been on TLC's Fabulous Cakes twice, and tonight they were on Food Network's Cupcake Wars and won. Yeah, they are THAT good.

This weekend we got our family pictures back from Hawaii. I am really ashamed of how much weight I packed on during pregnancy. I allowed myself to take the "eating for two" mentality to my head, and I'm still paying for it. I'm sad I look so big in these pictures because I am so used to being small, but I am happy for the memories they represent and I think they turned out well overall. Please let me know if you would like some of these and in what sizes.

I had a friend point out in this one, that both Kaeden and Brennan are making the same expression with their mouth and they really are. How funny!

I'm still not getting any sleep in case anyone was wondering. I'm going to try several different things this week (none of which include nursing him to sleep-I think that's our issue) and we will see how it goes. Wish us all luck!

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