Thursday, January 12, 2012

Before we left for the airport...

Our flight was delayed almost 3 hours, but we knew about it in advance. We took advantage of the extra time we had until we needed to get the rental car back and went down to the beach one last time.

Chad and Brennan (he was sleeping)

Kaeden takes the best pictures

Waikiki beach

My beautiful baby

The flight back was much worse than the flight coming. Brennan was way over tired and it was a little bit bumpy so they kept coming over the intercom and waking him up. He ended up screaming for an hour until he finally passed out. It didn't take us long to get our luggage, but for whatever reason DELTA had decided not to unload the baggage carosel that had our car seats. We were supposed to get in at 9:30 which meant home by 11:30....NOPE. We got home at 3:15. It was exhausting.

Overall we had the most amazing trip I could have ever imagined. We didn't do EVERYTIHNG we set out to do, but we are happy with the relaxed pace of our vacation. Now it's back to school for Kaeden, back to cooking and cleaning for me, and Chad will go back to work on Tuesday.

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