Monday, January 2, 2012

1-2-12 I seriously love dates like this

Happy (late) New Year!

Yesterday was such a busy day that it didn't even hit me that we actually started the new year, until about 4pm when my mom called to wish me a Happy New Year! So Happy New Year, everyone!

I had really been wanting to go to the mall to find a few things for our trip. I knew the boys didn't want to go shopping so I suggested they catch a movie instead. I dropped then off to see Tin-Tin in 3D and Brennan and I went across the street to the mall. I got everything I needed except one thing and Chad and KP really enjoyed their daddy/son date.

Brennan seems to be doing better. His wheezing has decreased considerably. I really hope he does well on the plane and really the whole trip in general.

Chad went to the Rose Bowl today with some friends and I'm really glad he got to go. We are true blue SEC fans so the teams didn't hold much for him but its something cool he can say he's done.

We are starting to get packed for our trip, and I think everyone is starting to get really really excited! Just 3 more days until paradise!!!

Well...I guess Mr. Pouty here isn't too happy

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