Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Surgery Update

So here's how everything went down yesterday. It was a lot of process all at once, but somehow I managed to stay somewhat calm.

I had my doctor appointment at 830, told her my symptoms. She made me stand up and said "I feel a hernia and it's not moving; lets get you into surgery today." YAY

So luckily, my friend that was watching Kaeden was willing enough to watch him for the rest of the day! Thank you, Katie, I owe ya!

Came home, pumped as much milk as I could (we only had 2 bags of emergency milk) and I had no idea when I would be okay to pump again. This is the part where I was FREAKING out. We have one spare can of formula and I have been bound and determined NOT to use it. I have nothing against formula, it's just not what I want for Brennan if I can help it.

Chad took me to the hospital and it was very hurry up and wait. A surgeon came in was on the phone and pressed on my belly without any warning and I have never felt the survival response kick in like I did in that moment. I tried to push his freakin hand away and when I couldn't I am pretty sure I smacked Chad on the back of the head, sorry dear. If I had a weapon, I swear I probably would have killed him. It hurt SO bad, and remember I JUST had a baby...a 9 pound baby...I know pain.

My surgeon came in a while later and I told him not to press on me. He felt on me as gently as he could and determined there was some fat that had gotten strangulated. I know, makes me sound so gross. Since I had eaten a banana at 10 they didn't want me to have surgery until about 4. It was good in a way because I was able to continue to feed Brennan without having to tap into our reserve.

At around 430 they started prepping me and I felt a little nervous, but for some reason not as bad. I think it was all the prayers for a calm heart, thanks everyone! I remember waking up and my throat hurt so bad from the tubes. I kept begging the guy (who was from TN by the way) for water or ice chips or something and he wouldn't. My guess is he read my chart and saw I was a puker. Once I was allowed to drink I felt so much better, then seeing Chad and Brennan made it even better. In the end I was out the hospital door around 8pm. We picked up Kaeden (I was so drugged still LOL), and headed home.

Chad has been super amazing, as always. He got up with Brennan all night last night, took care of Kaeden, laundry...and he's basically just being me. I'm so glad he had the vacation to take the week off to help me out. I'm not supposed to lift, push, pull or bend for the next week and not supposed to drive for 2 weeks. Not sure why I can't drive but whatever. I was prescribed a pain pill but I don't want to take it cause I can't breastfeed Brennan on it. I'm trying to tough it out and only have motrin.

So other than all that, I'm feeling okay. It's not nearly as bad as the surgery I had when they thought Brennan was in my tube, it's not nearly as bad as being in labor (though lasting much longer), it's not nearly as bad as that damn doctor pressing on my belly!

So that's pretty much what's going on with me. So thankful for my husband and how easy he adapts to change.

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