Sunday, December 4, 2011

Santa Baby

This weekend has been a great one. On Friday, Kaeden went to a "Kids night in" that the PTO sponsored at the school. The kids got to sit in a race car, watch Cars 2, eat popcorn and hang out with each other for 3 hours. It was a nice break because I had been so exhausted lately, though I felt kinda bad that I was probably the only mom with a spot in the PTO that didn't volunteer. I love that Kaeden is confident enough in himself to where none of his friends were there yet but he still wanted me to go ahead and leave. He gave me a ton of kisses before I left, but made sure to tell me that "I better be glad I was leaving before Leah got there or else I would have just got one". You know, I was thankful!

While Kaeden was in school Friday, I decided it had been way too long since Brennan had a photoshoot. I have been playing around with some ideas for Christmas pictures so I decided to go ahead and try to execute some of them. If I can do this every Friday by Christmas surely I will have the perfect picture.

Also, as you may have noticed, I didn't do Fun Food Friday again this week. Honestly, I've been so tired and zombie like that I just completely forgot. It's shameful really, and I will try my best to do one this coming week.

Kaeden went to one of his little best friends birthday party on Saturday. He had his party at Build a Bear so each of the children got to build a new animal. We welcomed a weenie dog named "Henry". Let me give you a little back story on "Henry". Last Christmas when we went to Tampa, Kaeden's Uncle Corey and Aunt Georgia brought one of their dogs Mailey. Kaeden continuously called this dog Henry, until by the end of the week we were all calling the dog Henry. Mailey, bless HER heart, really does look like a Henry. So now Kaeden has a "Henry" all his own. While we were at Build A Bear, I had Kaeden make a stuffed bunny for Brennan. In general, I'm not a stuffed animal person but I wanted Kaeden to get Bren something from him that maybe one day Brennan would cherish. So when you push the bunny's paw there is a recording of Kaeden saying, "I love you, Brennan". It's the sweetest thing ever and I hope Brennan grows up to love it as much as I do.

Chad watched Bren so that we could spend some time together. Kaeden told me the night before that me and him used to do EVERYTHING together, and it's true. Kaeden and I were attached at the legs until Brennan came. Now I'm either changing a diaper, washing diapers, feeding Brennan, or something else that involves his brother. While he is very understanding and not the least bit jealous; I loved the time "alone" with my big boy.

Brennan has gotten to the point where whenever Chad or I smile at him, he smiles back. His eyes get brighter and that gummy smile reaches from one cheek to the other. I love it! We leave for Hawaii one month from tomorrow!! I'm getting so excited! I know I won't be the size I want to be, but I know that I'm slowly losing weight and I'm not going to let how big I am effect the amount of fun I have in paradise.

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