Monday, November 14, 2011

'Tis the season

It's that time of year and I can feel the holiday magic in the air, I love it. However, with all of that comes being very, very busy. Busy can be a good thing when you want time to go by quickly, but the thing is I don't. Brennan is just a shade under 2 months, I am still 20 pounds from what I want to be when we go to Hawaii, and I could just use some extra time to prepare for the holidays. I don't think time will slow down just for me though, which is a shame.

Lots of fun happenings went on last week:

Monday was my check up with the doctor and everything is all well. It's funny to listen to peoples reaction to Brennan, asking me how many months he is then commenting on how huge he is! We weighed him this weekend and he was 13.8 pounds. He has his 2 month check up next Monday, I'm guessing he will be right around 14.

Wednesday Kaeden had his first playdate where I picked him and his friend up from school. I made chocolate chip cookies like an awesome mom and let them play until it was time for soccer. It was their last soccer practice and they did a game where it was the parents against the kids. It was a lot of fun to watch! Thursday was supposed to be their last game but it got cancelled.

Thursday Chad came home with a new printer and food dehydrator that he won in a silent auction. The printer he got is like a business style printer and it has the potential to be amazing, with it's Wifi and photo printing. He got it for about 90% off so I am super proud of his deal skills! Thursday is also awana night, and Kaeden finished up his first little booklet by memorizing John 3:16. He earned his new book and his vest he was very excited and Chad and I are so proud of him!

Friday we spent Veterans Day with our hero, Daddy! We went to BJs brewhouse for a late lunch.We still had Fun Food Friday though. It was peanut butter sandwich tree with fall colored apple leaves!

Saturday was a laze around the house kinda day, and yesterday we went to the IMAX theatre to see Puss and Boots. I don't think I'll ever be able to watch a normal movie again, the IMAX was amazing! Kaeden really enjoyed the experience and Brennan slept about 90% of the time, good boy!

Ive done a lot of Christmas shopping and planning this weekend. I know everything we are going to get Kaeden, and most everything we are going to get Brennan. I have pretty much finished up shopping for Brennan's stocking and I've done all the shopping for the boys from ViVi. I also got the boys stockings embroidered and they look amazing; I can't wait to get them hung up!

I've only taken a few pictures recently but here they are:

Brennan took a bath with me for the first time the other night, he was so relaxed!

Dino Brennan

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