Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Soccer Star

I love my little soccer star!

Kaeden had his last "game" tonight. They just ran some drills and scrimmaged each other, but they ran off some energy and had a blast and so that is the most important part! After the game, we went to pizza hut for their soccer party. We had pizza, fruit, and cake to eat; and the kids had so much fun playing together. Kaeden was also awarded his first medal which is now hanging proudly in his room!

Today I got the kids matching PJs in, and I'm so in love.

Chad got back today from a short trip to Vegas. He brought us back some Krispy Kreme since the closest one is over 90 miles away. Have I mentioned lately just how much I adore him?!

My mind has been all over the place lately, I feel like I have so much going on but yet I feel like I don't get anything done all the same. I have really been trying to open up and make friends again and let people into my life more. It's really hard. I always struggle with this part of being in the military, it's like I don't want to make friends because I know I will love this person and then I won't see them again. I need to realize that friendships aren't based on living in the same town, and it's important for me to develop them while I can and enjoy them for what they are.

I have started doing swagbucks again, and honestly I am kind of upset with myself that I didn't start again sooner. I stopped around April because I wasn't earning points from searching. Well now that I've been back, I've been doing surveys and tasks as well as getting points for searching and I have been able to get $20 in amazon gift cards in less than a week! This is so awesome to me, because as a homemaker I feel a little guilty that I spend so much money but do nothing to contribute. Even though this isn't buying groceries it's how I know I can monetarily contribute to the family. So if you aren't doing it, get on it! Here is a link to sign up...can't beat free money! Just click on the banner and go from there.
Search & Win

I did a teacher appreciation "function", maybe that's what you would call it, today. It turned out really well so I wanted to share it in case any of you out in cyber-space land need an idea. I bought snack bags, the square marshmallows, individual hershey bars and graham crackers. I put enough for one smore in each bag and wrote a note telling the teachers and staff of Kaeden's school that we needed "S'more" people like them. The teachers that were in the lounge when I went in there seemed to think it was really cute. It was fairly inexpensive too and a great way to boost the teacher's day.

We have several things coming up this in the next couple weeks that we are getting geared up for. Tomorrow is Awana and Kaeden is going to attempt to get through 2 verses; I hope he does well...he has been trying so hard. Brennan turns 2 months on Friday :sniff: :sniff: and has his 2 month appointment (that means shots) on Monday. Kaeden is out of school all next week so I'm praying that we find some things to keep busy during the day. The sonic boom study I've been participating in for NASA will be over, and I hope the booms go with it. I'm so tired of having to force Denver outside. I also can't wait to get paid from it, it will be so nice to have actually earned the money for Chad's Christmas gift! Then of course there is Turkey day. Kaeden can't wait for that! Hopefully I'll keep up with the blog (at least Wednesday, Friday and Sunday) as the holidays near and things get busier.

Hawaii countdown: 7 weeks, 1 day! YAY!

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