Saturday, November 26, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas :)

There was no fun food friday this week, I wasn't lifting one finger to cook anything after I spent all the time in the kitchen on Thursday. Kaeden didn't say a thing about it, thank God!

I didn't go anywhere on black friday. I was determined to do all my shopping from home and avoid the crazies that seem to come out on this insane day. My main goal was to get Kaeden a 1,600 pc lego set from Walmart for $30. After 53 minutes of trying to check out, I did...3 times apparently. I had to cancel the other two orders but I got the first one in. Imagine my shock when I opened the front door to them today! I had ordered some from Barnes and Noble last week (in case I didn't get these) and I still haven't got them. I ordered a few other small things (baby legs) for Brennan for Christmas and then some gifts for our nephew. Overall it was good, besides missing the laptop I wanted for my mom. This year I am really on top of things for better or worse. It seems as our Christmas fund keeps growing our Hawaii fund keeps shrinking. BAD SOMMER!

We did put the tree up and it looks so good :)

Each year we buy a "special" ornament for something that happened that are all of them (except this years)

Today we got out of the house and went to Michaels. Chad and Kaeden wanted to build a birdhouse out of popcicle sticks. Well, instead of milk carton sized bird house, this is what they built. Complete with a dog and a chair. It's awesome!

Both boys are doing well. Brennan, I think, is going through a growth spurt as he is nursing constantly today. Kaeden is hilarious and sweet and so awesome all wrapped up into one. He is getting very excited for Christmas!

Chad is going on a bike ride in the morning, hopefully that goes well as it's starting to get colder here. When he gets back I am going to see Breaking Dawn with a couple of friends...YAY sparkly vampires!

A cute picture of KP and Fenris just because

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