Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

This has to be my favorite holiday! I love cooking ridiculous amounts of food, so this is the day for me!

Yesterday, we went to Lowe's to get the wood to make Kaeden's lego table for Christmas. Chad has been working on it since yesterday afternoon and it is looking fantastic! I hope he is as excited as we are to give it to him! Here is a picture of how it is looking, right now we are just waiting on the lego plates to come in and they will go on both sides of the storage box

Earlier this morning, Kaeden thought it would be a good idea to JUMP over Brennan. Yep, I said JUMP. He ended up tripping over Brennan and kicking him in the head. I would have busted his you know what if he hadn't started immediately bawling. :( Kaeden was so upset. He kept crying and saying, "I'm sorry, brother. I'm so sorry." Bless his heart; I don't think he will be trying anything like that again and Brennan is probably very greatful for that!

Pictures from our Thanksgiving 2011

Handprint Turkey

Look what I made!

This is our Thanksgiving tree, every night from November 1st to Thanksgiving night we make a leaf and write something we are thankful for on it.

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