Friday, November 4, 2011

Fun Food Friday!

I find it funny that I have some fall Fun Food Friday's planned, but I went with a winter one today. I guess it's so chilly outside that I wanted FFF to reflect that!

It's kind of lame, but hey I did what I could with what I have to work with!

It's a quesadilla igloo with 2 peanut butter and jelly penguins. RAD. It's not colorful or really healthy but Kaeden ate it all (excitedly I might add) and that's what I'm going for.

This has been a busy week, but I have successfully survived being alone with the kids for 6 days. Chad landed in LA a couple hours ago and should be home soon. YAY!

Kaeden started AWANA at church last night, and I think he enjoyed it. He was a little apprehensive when they put him in a different group away from the kids he knew, but I am hoping that he can make some new friends and learn a little bit more about God's loving side.

His last soccer games are this week (Saturday and Wednesday), he is really going to miss it but he does want to sign up to play basketball and play basketball he will! He got a student ID at school this week and it is beyond cute. I have to say I'm jealous though; I didn't get my first student ID until I was in college!

Brennan is doing well, both in the sleeping and eating department. He smiles at least once a day now and I generally melt into a huge ball of mommy goo when he does. It's been cold out the past couple days so I haven't wanted to take any outside pictures. I'll have to take some this weekend, even if it's indoors, and put them up.

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