Thursday, October 6, 2011

This week has been so busy. It's amazing how different the days go by with Chad at work now. It's hard to get a schedule down but I know within the next couple weeks things should even out and I won't have laundry and dishes piled up everywhere.
Brennan had his 2 week check up yesterday. He was 10lb 4oz at that appointment and his pediatrician says he looks good. He is hard to get to sleep sometimes, but he has slept 4 hours for 2 nights in a row which is SO nice of him!

Kaeden had a soccer game tonight, it was really chilly--like hoody and jeans weather. I loved it! It was a bit windy though. Oh and they lost, such a bummer! He has been having fun at school this week, they had a good assembly today where he got to touch a lot of sea animals and he really seemed to love that. We got his Halloween costume yesterday, he is going to be Iron Man. That means I'm going to try to piece together a Captain America costume for Brennan out of things we already have or are cheap to buy.

Chad finished up this "semester" of school with an A in his class-so proud! He starts new classes again in 2 weeks. Not much longer and he will have his degree, I'm so proud of him!

He looks so much like Kaeden here

Kaeden drew this of our family. I love him, 'cept Chad and I aren't that fat. Oh and our dogs have tails.

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