Friday, October 14, 2011

Supermom + Superwife = Super Tired!

This week has been really busy though I'm not quite sure why.

First things first, today was Fun Food Friday! Notice how I didn't caplitalize it, that's because it was totally lame. I've been needing to go to the store for like 3 days and yet I haven't done it.

So it's PB&J dinosaurs walking on some awesome applesauce grass. I know I need to get something besides applesauce colored like whatever.

Sunday night I came down with a stye in my eye. That sucked. Chad went and got me some stuff to put on it Monday morning since I really couldn't open it at all. The itching/pain had me pretty miserable until yesterday.

The boys are good. Kaeden read a book from home all by himself on Monday. He needed help getting there from Chad but he figured out every word. I've noticed he is starting to get into music more and he's listening to the radio and trying to sing along. You never know how much country music talks about beer until your 5 year old is singing every drinking song on the radio. He thinks if Billy Currington is "pretty good at drinking beer" he should join a beer drinking contest. I concur.

Brennan has hit some fun milestones/firsts this week. Wednesday night he slept for 5 hours! I was so excited, seeing as the night before he nursed every hour and a half. We also had our first blow out diapers with disposables. Of course he was in a white outfit but Tide stain release saved it. I mean totally saved it, I love that stuff. No wonder we have 6 bottles of it the laundry room...well I love it AND I got it for free while couponing. Also, I put his first cloth diaper on him yesterday. Even though they are still a little big so far it is working out well and containing the messes. I bought 2 one size diapers today to try out so his butt isn't so bulky and I also traded some books for 4 size smalls in the gdiapers. I know we may only use them for a couple weeks but I paid next to nothing for the books using sale ads and coupons last christmas. He has started to get pretty gassy at night, so hopefully that passes. Last night he cried until he was completely wore out :(

My mom gets here tomorrow and Kaeden and I are so super excited. She won't get here until late and I know she will be exhausted but I am so ready to see her! Chad and Kaeden and going to get her so we don't have to have Brennan in the car too long.

So that's really all I've got for now. I'm super tired and I have got to get dinner finished up. Hopefully we will be taking lots of picutres of the boys and their ViVi this week!

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