Friday, October 7, 2011

Fun Food Friday!

For fun food friday I made a sail boat. It's rad. Applesauce looks REALLY pretty with food coloring and works as awesome water. Next week Kaeden said he wants me to do a shark and a dolphin. He has WAY too much faith in me.

Here are some pics I took today. Brennan is 19 days old.

Kaeden looks so beauitful in this picture

At dinner Chad asked Kaeden what he wanted to do tomorrow, Kaeden said he wanted to play football. So Chad asked him if he wanted to play American football or European football. Kaeden thought for a moment and said american. Chad explained to him that European football is soccer, and all of a sudden Kaeden is excliams "WHAT!?! I'm a peein!" LOL.

In other news, I just booked our trip to Hawaii. I am so freaking excited. I mean stoked. I just hope everything goes smoothly and we all have a great time.

I also want to take the time to wish one of the most beautiful women I know a very Happy Birthday. Nana Thomas is 92 today! She is so special to Chadwick, and has become very special to me also. We love her and miss her dearly. Wish we could have been with her to celebrate this special day. WE LOVE YOU NANA!!!

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