Thursday, October 27, 2011

First report card

Kaeden got his first report card today and to say I am proud of him is an understatement.

He got outstandings in all areas that were allowed (this is the highest mark), and he has already met all the requirements to be passed on to first grade. Chad and I value both boys education and future so much that it's not too early to start pushing and encouraging them to do the best they can.

He only has 3 soccer games left, and I'm pretty sure he is going to miss it a lot. He has really improved in the sport and I hope he wants to play it again next year. Sign ups for basketball start next week, I'm having Chad sit down with him to see if he wants to play. I've never been a huge fan of the sport, but it's important for him to try different things to see what he likes. A friend also told me they were in the process of bringing back gymnastics and he really enjoyed that, so hopefully we can get him in some more extra curricular activities. I'm also calling tomorrow about the awana program on base to see if it's too late to sign up for that.

Lately life has seemed so amazing that I worry about what's around the corner. I mean God has just touched mine and Chad's life and has blessed us beyond anything we could imagine. It makes me feel not worthy. I am working on trying to take everything as it comes and not feel like something bad is going to happen just because something good is.

Brennan is doing well. We had a couple of rough nights but last night he slept great, so hopefully that continues because I feel like a totally different person when he does. I weighed him yesterday and he was 11.6 pounds. He's getting so big I almost can't stand it! Cloth diapering is going really well. It is one of the best decisions I think we've made. We still use disposables when we go out (I need to get a wet bag) and at night, but other than that we are 100% cloth and I am really loving it!

I am doing great. I go for my check up next week and will begin my weight loss journey yet again. I'm shooting for 25 pounds by the time we go to Hawaii. It's a lofty goal to try to breastfeed AND lose that much but we shall see. I've been reading a lot more lately. I just finished the Hunger Games trilogy and loved it. I can't wait until I can sit down with some of my friends and talk about it! I have been feeling really close to my 2 bestest friends in recent weeks and it feels so good. I'm trying to open myself up to more people around here; I need to if I want to survive the desert.

Chad is really good also. He was supposed to take a trip to some dunes today-saturday but ended up not going because our friends had their baby way early. (BIG congrats to the Pigg family!) Instead he's here and will be coaching K's soccer team on Saturday. He leaves on Sunday for a week making this the second halloween in a row he has missed. Boo.

Well there is the big weekly update. Here are some pics I took of the boys today.

Well.....Blogger is having issues uploading at the moment. So I will try again soon (or tomorrow)!


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