Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fall is here!

I am so thankful the temperatures are dropping here in the desert. I love warm weather but when it's fall...it needs to feel like it!

Not too much going on here. Chad went back to work on Monday so I've been testing out my supermom skills to the max. I have successfully gotten a shower and Kaeden to school on time both days!

This morning we had Brennan's circ done. It was excruciating to me. Chad stayed in the room with him and he said it seemed to go well. He is still going to get extra, extra, extra snuggles for the next few days. He weighs 9lb 11oz and measured 21 inches. We go back to that pediatrician tomorrow morning to make sure things are looking good. He also has his two week check up with his regular pediatrician tomorrow afternoon.

Here is a pic of him from Saturday. We didn't get the VOLS game but it didn't stop me from dressing him up for his first game.

His umbilical cord also fell off, so Chad gave him his first REAL bath last night!

Kaeden won his soccer game on Saturday, and it was their first win so I really think it boosted his teams confidence. Today is picture day at school, I pray that he smiles or at least looks somewhat happy in them!

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