Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Brennan is 1 month!

Time flies when you have the most wonderful angel!

Here are some pictures from his "photoshoot" today.

Today was a great day. We just hung out on base and kind of did some running around there. We met Chad for lunch at subway after we dropped Kaeden off. Kaeden had show and share today. He took the motorcycle that Uncle Mike and Aunt Lisa had sent him for Christmas. He was so excited, he wanted to go to school at like 9am! When we picked him up from school, mom took him to the playground and I guess he had to pee. Well he didn't want to leave so the next thing mom knows he has dropped his pants and is peeing on a tree. *SIGH*

Mom and I are trying to get a trip to Santa Monica/LA together. Just working on trying to get the right hotel for the right price, then hopefully we can go down on Friday after I drop Kaeden off from school and I'll drop her off Saturday morning.

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