Sunday, October 9, 2011

Active weekend

We have had a really active, fun weekend. The weather here has been nothing short of beautiful. Not too hot, not too cold and the sun was shining! Saturday Chad needed to get the oil in his motorcycle changed so we went to have lunch at Olive Garden and to Mulligans afterward. Kaeden and Chad rode go carts and played lazer tag, and then the 4 of us played putt putt. I wore Brennan in the ergo most of the time and I must say so far I really love that thing. I will be happier with it once we don't have to use the infant insert, but so far I would recommend it to anyone. Kaeden did really well at putt putt and I was impressed. It makes me wonder if he would like golf, but for right now I think he is way too wiggly. I did take my camera to Mulligans but I totally left the SD card at home, so no pics from there :(

I had my first "run in" with an anti-breastfeeding person. It wasn't really a "run in" per se. Just some lady talking smack about me RIGHT BESIDE me. She said that me breastfeeding was "sick". I had a cover and you couldn't see anything, on top of that please tell me what boobs are for if not for feeding babies? Geez, the ignorance of some people kills me. What made the situation ironic is she was probably around 45-50 years old and she started talking about "the werewolf from twilight" that she would totally have sex with, "she doesn't care how young he is". Um.... who is the sick one?

The biggest downside to Saturday was watching Tennessee lose, and Bray get hurt. UGH 6 weeks without him will make these next few hard games even worse to watch. Sometimes it's hard to be a Tennessee Vol, but I will be until the day I die :D

Today we did errands, yay. The boys also rode their bikes while Brennan and I tested out his stroller. Brennan is 3 weeks today, and he just started wearing some 3 month clothes today. He's my little linebacker! Kaeden read a book almost all by himself today. I am so proud of the improvement he has been showing with reading. He may just be getting a Nintendo DS for Christmas afterall!

So here are some pics from the day

Happy 3 weeks angel!

Strollers maiden voyage

Brennan on the quilt I made him

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  1. >please tell me what boobs are for if not for feeding babies?

    Whipping out and showing off?