Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

I'm pooped!

Kaeden had a great time trick or treating tonight with friends. I'm pretty sure he would have never wanted to stop, but we had to because Brennan was not as big of a fan as his brother.

Hoarding his candy stash

My sweet little captain america!

Kaeden's mini quesadilla lunch

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Brennan is 6 weeks old today!

So yeah, today little man turned 6 weeks old. It seems crazy to me how pregnancy takes FOREVER but then you blink and they are grown. I hate it.

Uh, so lets see what's happened since the last time I've blogged....

Okay so Kaeden had a soccer game Saturday, it went really well and he played great. I can tell such a huge improvement in his skills since he started and that is really cool to see. After the soccer game and before the Tennessee game (don't even get me started on their *awesome* season this year) we made decked out carmel apples. We used carmel, chocolate, nuts, marshmallows, candies, etc to decorate them and they were amazing. I will never spend $10 on a Rocky Mountain Chocolate one again when I know I can do it at home myself.

I took a bunch of pictures of Brennan inside a pumpkin. They were very hard to capture due to it being cold and gooey. He wasn't a fan of the texture at all. Oh well, mommy got her shots! He is starting to smile every now and again but I haven't captured it on the camera yet. Chad and I put a picture up of Brennan and Kaeden at the same age and they seriously look like the same kid. Kaeden even came in the living room and said "How did Brennan get in the tub?" and we were like "That's YOU!!" He said "I think he's going to grow up to be just as handsome as me." LOL! I agree KP, I agree!

Chad left this morning (so sad) for a couple days, missing another Halloween. I feel so bad for him, but I promise to take lots of pictures. Today was my first day as a mom to 2 kids with no help what-so-ever all day and of course; I'm sick. I feel much better right now than I did at 3am so hopefully the worst is over. Other than being sick I managed both kids pretty well...we shall see how I feel by the time Chad gets back.

Today was a stay at home and clean/relax kind of day. The only thing exciting that happened was Brennan peed on Kaeden and I laughed to myself for a VERY long time. :D

I start back on track of eating healthy and working out again tomorrow. I know who starts a diet on Halloween?! I guess this girl does. I would like to lose 10 pounds in November. I think it's doable, even with the way I cook at Thanksgiving.

Here are a bunch of pictures from the weekend. Not sure if I have said it before or if you have figured it out, BUT you can click on the pictures to make them larger.

Six weeks:

Making Apples

They were so enthralled with each other!

Baby in a pumpkin

Thursday, October 27, 2011

First report card

Kaeden got his first report card today and to say I am proud of him is an understatement.

He got outstandings in all areas that were allowed (this is the highest mark), and he has already met all the requirements to be passed on to first grade. Chad and I value both boys education and future so much that it's not too early to start pushing and encouraging them to do the best they can.

He only has 3 soccer games left, and I'm pretty sure he is going to miss it a lot. He has really improved in the sport and I hope he wants to play it again next year. Sign ups for basketball start next week, I'm having Chad sit down with him to see if he wants to play. I've never been a huge fan of the sport, but it's important for him to try different things to see what he likes. A friend also told me they were in the process of bringing back gymnastics and he really enjoyed that, so hopefully we can get him in some more extra curricular activities. I'm also calling tomorrow about the awana program on base to see if it's too late to sign up for that.

Lately life has seemed so amazing that I worry about what's around the corner. I mean God has just touched mine and Chad's life and has blessed us beyond anything we could imagine. It makes me feel not worthy. I am working on trying to take everything as it comes and not feel like something bad is going to happen just because something good is.

Brennan is doing well. We had a couple of rough nights but last night he slept great, so hopefully that continues because I feel like a totally different person when he does. I weighed him yesterday and he was 11.6 pounds. He's getting so big I almost can't stand it! Cloth diapering is going really well. It is one of the best decisions I think we've made. We still use disposables when we go out (I need to get a wet bag) and at night, but other than that we are 100% cloth and I am really loving it!

I am doing great. I go for my check up next week and will begin my weight loss journey yet again. I'm shooting for 25 pounds by the time we go to Hawaii. It's a lofty goal to try to breastfeed AND lose that much but we shall see. I've been reading a lot more lately. I just finished the Hunger Games trilogy and loved it. I can't wait until I can sit down with some of my friends and talk about it! I have been feeling really close to my 2 bestest friends in recent weeks and it feels so good. I'm trying to open myself up to more people around here; I need to if I want to survive the desert.

Chad is really good also. He was supposed to take a trip to some dunes today-saturday but ended up not going because our friends had their baby way early. (BIG congrats to the Pigg family!) Instead he's here and will be coaching K's soccer team on Saturday. He leaves on Sunday for a week making this the second halloween in a row he has missed. Boo.

Well there is the big weekly update. Here are some pics I took of the boys today.

Well.....Blogger is having issues uploading at the moment. So I will try again soon (or tomorrow)!


Saturday, October 22, 2011

My mommy is gone :(

***note- I wrote this on Friday but didn't have enough time to finish it, so if it sounds a day off that's why!

Thursday was a good day, because mom and I took that day to relax. We stayed home while Kaeden was in school and just spent time together with Brennan. That night Chad, Kaeden and I took her to Bex and we had pizza and french fries. It was so great and the atmosphere there is always something so different than anything else in the AV.

Yesterday was EVEN more fun. We did a small photoshoot with the boys in their halloween costumes, as well as Brennan in his new cow diaper. My mom got to witness a Fun Food Friday first hand and I'm pretty sure she was impressed.

We dropped Kaeden off at school and thankfully he did excellent. He always seems to do so well when it's time to say goodbye; he doesn't get sad because he knows we will see them again. I am so thankful for this. This time he was really attached to ViVi so I was worried. After we dropped Kaeden off we headed down to LA. It didn't take us long at all, traffic was awesome! Our first stop was the Giffith Park Observatory. The observatory in itself is awesome but you get a great view of the Hollywood sign. After seeing that, getting Brennan out of his car seat for some yummies and a stretch, we started making our way to the Hollywood Walk of Fame. I really enjoyed this because it was something to see, however I would not have wanted to fly out to LA for just that. Next, we went to the Santa Monica Pier. My mom really seemed to enjoy this much more than the walk of fame. She took Brennan on his first caurosel ride and we just walked on the pier and around muscle beach, it was beyond a nice day. We finished up the day when we checked into our hotel, which was the nicest place I've ever stayed. Brennan slept great for us last night and we woke up and had lunch at subway. I dropped her off without a tear shed, but I already miss her so much. I am so thankful she took the time to come out here and see Brennan (and the rest of us). I love you mom, you are my bestest friend :D

Sunday (today) Brennan is 5 weeks old. Where does the time go? I don't like it! He has been sleeping really well the past few nights and I hope it's a trend that continues.

Today was a great day, trying to catch up on all the chores I had been slacking on since Mom was in town. She had left me a pair of PJs and when I put them on tonight Kaeden said "Why are you wearing ViVi's pajamas, they smell just like her." I thought it was so adorable. I love how strong he is. He misses her but he just keeps going on with life because he knows he will see her agian.

Okay so here are a lot of pics from the week!

5 weeks old, and suckin my fingers in the bath!

He loves his blankie

First Carosel Ride with ViVi

Chinese Theatre

Griffith Observatory

ViVi and her cowboy

Get along little doggie

SuperViVi and her lil heroes

Iz tough bein' a baby