Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Monday Bowling Fun

Yesterday we went bowling to get out of the house and to spend some time with Kaeden doing something fun. It's really important to us that we still show him the attention and love that he so much deserves. He did pretty well once Chad taught him that it's about rolling the ball and not throwing it down. I swear he somehow jumped the bumpers not once, but twice! I actually bowled really well, I got a turkey-never happened before in my LIFE. I also bowled over 100 all 3 games, also probably never happened LOL! Chad had a tough few games he just could not get a strike to save his life, it was 9 every time. (Don't worry he still beat me!)

Brennan slept the whole time.

Brennan found his thumb last night. I'm not an advocate of thumb sucking becuase of the damage it can do to teeth; I would much rather him take a pacifier but holy cow it was ADORABLE.

Today Kaeden came home from school singing the hokey pokey. He is so, so funny. I am so blessed to have these boys in my life, Chad included. Kaeden's reading is really improving. He has such a passion for learning right now that I really hope sticks with him. After he did his homework he wanted to sit down and do a workbook that grandma and grandpa had sent him. He probably did the last 10 or so pages until he had finished it. When he got to fill out the completion certificate on the back he was so proud of himself. I love seeing that confidence in him!

Brennan is still sleeping and eating well, his jaundice seems to be improving. He gets a little bit more alert each day. We have his circumcision next Tuesday and his two week check up (and shots) next Wednesday. I hope both of those things go well as I know neither day will be a happy one for him.

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