Saturday, September 24, 2011

It's goooooaaaaallllll!!!!!

I'm pretty sure Kaeden has had a stellar day today! We went to his soccer game at 9:00 this morning (man it's hard to get going and get everyone out of the house by then!) He played really hard and really well, he even scored a goal. He was SO proud of himself and very excited! We took him to Toys R Us afterward to use a reward certificate we had and he was able to get a new webkinz he had been asking for. I love walking out of TRU not spending a dime. We also went to McDonalds for lunch as a treat. While Brennan napped in the swing I was able to spend some one on one time with him reading and it felt so good to just sit and snuggle. Today he was such a character too, on the way to soccer he sneezed about 3-4 times and Chad said something like "What is making you sneeze so much?", he said "Maybe I'm allergic to baby Brennan." HA! We also caught him today singing Jerrod Neimann's "One more drinkin song", let's hope that's an "at home" song and not a "take to school" song. :D

Brennan had his "first bath" today. It was just a sponge bath as he still has his cord.

Look at the bubbles:

First Bath:

Cute butt in cozy jammies:

This is probably is my new favorite picture:

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