Friday, September 30, 2011

Fun Food Friday!!!

Guess what's back, back again? Fun Food Friday's back, tell a friend...

*Yes I did just put something to the tune of eminem, dont' judge me*

Kaeden had been complaining about a sore throat since Wednesday night. At first I thought he was just being full of drama, but we decided to put his humidifier on just incase. The next day he was still complaining but fine, he just didn't want to eat much. So we sent him off to school and decided to go into town for lunch. Right after lunch, we got a call from the school nurse that he had thrown up on the playground at recess and had a fever. I was a little shocked. Right when we got home Chad put him in a cool bath and gave him some motrin. We took his temp right when he got out and he didn't have one. He hasn't had one or vomited since. (Thank God!) He came into our room crying this morning though, so I called the doctor and they did a strep test (still waiting on results) but the doctor said he looked fine and gave us a note that he could return to school. Hopefully whatever he has passes quickly as he has no intrest in eating...which brings me to FUN FOOD FRIDAY!!!! I made a bad ass rainbow out of fruit and some rockin quesadilla clouds. He didn't eat but maybe two bites. Poor kiddo. :(

Tonight we have team soccer pictures, so hoepfully those turn out well even though he isn't feeling his best.

Brennan is still doing great. We are so blessed and I truly mean blessed to have him. I look back at the fact that they told me he was in my tubes and I went into surgery and I just know that God wanted us to have him becuase he truly is a little miracle baby. I have been trying to get a good picture for our birth annoucements but haven't come across the "perfect" one yet. I am however getting pee'd on more than I ever have before due to the amount of naked pictures I try to capture. I'm also keeping up with the laundry becuase of this, HAHA! Here are a couple pics I've snapped over the last couple days.

I love this picture so much! We were trying to get Brennan to look at the camera so Kaeden was trying to hold his head up. Instead it looks like he is punching funny!

My big boy
He weighs 44lb and is 44.5 inches. This means he has grown an inch a month since his birthday :O

Took this photo today. I really like it, but would have loved a naked baby better. ;)

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