Thursday, August 4, 2011

Twenty-Seven aint so bad

So today is my birthday, and I'll admit I'm terrified of getting older. I don't feel old, but sometimes when I look at my life I can't imagine that someone has trusted me with things like a house, a kid and a half, knives, a Mercedes and various power tools. Maybe some of it has to do with the fact I've been with Chad for eternity and so when I look over at him I still see myself in his eyes as this 17 year old girl totally in love with him. Actually I hope he isn't picturing me as a 17 year old, that would be just creepy. I remember when we lived in Louisiana so long ago, I had a very dear friend who turned 26 when I was like 19. We were best of friends and age had no issue between us. She talked a lot about how she felt old at 26 because we had to buy 2 packages of candles for her cake. I never, ever, ever thought of her as "old". Now that I'm passed that age, I wonder why it is I view myself as old. Is it because I have children and she didn't'? Is it because she didn't look her age, and I feel like I more than look mine? Either way, I'm trying not to feel old today and it's working out okay.

Chad spoils me. Everyone knows this and sometimes it can be a little embarrassing to admit. This morning, he made me waffles before I left home to get a pedicure and go to the doctor. Kaeden brought me a princess barbie bag that had some lotion and body wash in it. Chad said he had picked that particular smell because it was honeysuckle and jasmine. He loves the Blake Shelton song "Honey Bee" so he is all the time calling me his honeysuckle. Today, when he gave me the present...he said it's because I smell like Chinese food. Which is so weird because we maybe have Chinese food twice a year. I think he's just mad because he knows that's where we are going to eat tonight and he doesn't like it. While I was in the shower, he got some green paper, drew $100 in all four corners and a smiley face in the middle. He gave me $100, it was precious! I went was Splendors in Lancaster, and if you are local I highly recommend it. It is VERY affordable and once you step inside it's like you are leaving Lancaster. My pedicure was an hour long in a private room. I saw served tea, water, cookies and fresh strawberries YUM! The only downside was they didn't have a lot of polishes to choose from. Honestly, I have more polishes in my cabinets which is also a little embarrassing to admit. After that I went to pre register at the hospital, so that's done and out of the way. Then I went to my doctors appointment, where I sat and sat and sat. It took 2 hours to be seen, for literally a 2 minute appointment. It was beyond frustrating. Weight was great, blood pressure great, Brennan's heartbeat was great. I go back in 2 weeks, and since that means Chad will be out of town...I will have Kaeden with me. I pray we don't have to sit in the waiting room 2 hours. I came home to a super clean house, laundry done, and an amazing birthday cake :) Right after I blew out my candles, Kaeden said "I know what you wished for!" and we asked him what and he said "To go to Hawaii!!!!" It's good to know my hints haven't been so subtle ;) Chad had to go to work right after that so I spent some time talking to my mom (I miss her a big bunch). Chad ended up getting off work early and we went to eat Panda Express YUM!

So here I sit at the end of my birthday, watching Chad play Halo and I'm just so thankful for him. He really knows how to make me feel special and young on my birthday!

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