Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sometimes I do things against my better judgement

Today, that was letting Kaeden paint with acrylic paints instead of washable.

We learned that a shower in the morning isn't always such a bad thing. He has a knack for "catching" bubbles and I love when I can get photos like this:

The reason we HAD to use acrylic paint, even when I suggested otherwise, was because Kaeden was going to paint his very first bird house. Trust me when I say we have NO issues attracting birds around here so I made sure he picked the smallest bird house they had with the smallest hole. He didn't want to use washable paint in case the sprinklers could washed away the paint, smart kid.

So here are some pictures of the beloved birdhouse. He's seriously so proud of it. I'm really proud of it too, cause so far it's been out in the wind for about 11 hours!

I LOVE this picture. It reminds me so much of my uncle Mike and of myself. We couldn't do anything "hard" with our tongues in our mouth!

The final product hanging in Kaeden's "pet" tree

He also wanted to make a dinosaur habitat which I thought was a cool idea a few days ago. Kaeden was a dinosaur fanatic at one point so we have dinosaurs of EVERY size. Seriously. It ranges from the tiny ones that you step on to the giant remote control ones that everyone used to stop in Target to play with. I thought this was a good way to "showcase" some of the smaller ones.

If you can't tell today was "project day". It was fun, but I am POOPED! We made some animals out of Kaeden's hand and feet prints. This time I used WASHABLE paint! I'm excited that we did these so that I can put them in his "5 year old book" and compare them to next year!

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