Saturday, August 13, 2011

Rocket Man!!!!

Yesterday Kaeden and I continued the DIY frenzy we have been on and made a rocket pack out of some 1.5 liter bottles, duct tape and tissue paper. I know, it sounds so McGyver! Anyway he loves it. I actually had to remove it from his sleeping body last night. I think every man, woman and child NEEDS one of these rocket packs! I'm even considering making a tee-tiny one out of super small gator aide bottles for Brennan's newborn photos!

Yesterday was kind of a rough day. Mostly emotionally. As I was looking around the shed for the duct tape, I happened to look over to Kaeden's kiddy pool and noticed a mouse in it. DEAD. MOUSE. If you know me, you'll know this was like instant frozen horror. If you don't know me, you just have no idea the lengths I will go to avoid ever seeing a mouse again. I HATE them. So I'm freaking out, I mean completely. I know I have to get it out but how. I finally decided I'm leaving it in there until Chad gets back. Then as my criminal justice training kicked in, I realised if I left that mouse in a pool for 7 days it would...just...not be good. So after freaking out, I called my mom (like she can do anything 2,000 miles away) and just had her talk to me on the phone. I fished it out with a leaf skimmer and threw his dead mouse ass over the fence. After that I was pretty much numb all day. I freaking HATE mice. Overall, I'm proud that I was able to do it. I really didn't think I was capable.

Today has been good, both boys let me sleep until 8! WOO HOO! Around noon, I started to get antsy and K asked to go to the playground so I told him we would go to subway, grab lunch, and head over. Subway was undergoing renovations, so there were closed. I drove K by Burger King to get a kids meal and decided I want Chinese. Well, apparently it's only open during the week FML. The playground was miserable hot. Like I sweat in places I shouldn't, pregnant or not. We didn't stay long and after grocery shopping we are back in our nice cool, air conditioned house. So far we haven't done any crafts today but I did manage to take some REALLY cool pictures of a grass hopper that landed on my window at BK.

Tomorrow seems like it's going to be one of those try to clean and organize the house days. We shall see....

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