Sunday, August 7, 2011


I'd like to start off by saying, August is such a busy month when it comes to BIG DAYS! There are so many birthdays and anniversaries this month, not to mention Kaeden starts Kindergarten and soccer AND Brennan will be full term by the end of the month!

Today is my Aunt Linda's birthday. Happy Birthday Aunt Linda! My great-aunt Linda is so much more than another Aunt to me, it's like God gave me an extra grandmother! I love her so much and I hope she had a wonderful day today.

My "niece" Elinor turned the big O-N-E on August 5th. When my best friend, Kara, went into labor with her I could have SWORE she was going to be born on my birthday. I guess the good Lord decided two princesses sharing the same birthday couldn't be a good thing, so Elli got the day after. I made her an outfit for her birthday, that ended up being her "birthday" outfit. As soon as I get Kara's permission I'll post a picture of her on her big day!

This weekend was a really great one, minus one BIG detail. Chad had to leave today. He will only be gone less than two weeks, but I hate that he has to leave in the first place. That being said, he is a great provider for our family who does what he does so myself and our 2 sons can have a good life. I know it's just as hard on him to leave us as it is on Kaeden and I. My goal is to keep Brennan in until he gets back!

Speaking of goals, at the end of July I had said I wanted to start saving money in August and blah blah blah. Well, I am reporting....that it's not really working. We have eaten fast food several times, which not only isn't good for us but it's also cutting into the "free" money. I have also bought a few things that were "needed" but not. Kaeden's school supplies have taken a big chunk, those were needed. The baby things I bought Brennan (Aden + Anais swaddle blankets on clearance SWOON!) not so much. Overall since I got birthday money and returned some things from Amazon we aren't doing horrible.

So Friday was pretty uneventful except for the fact that I volunteered to be on a committee for Kaeden's PTO. I want to do the teacher appreciation, I've already emailed the president so hopefully I will find out soon if I've been "accepted". I also finally got to talk to my little sister!!! We usually talk via text or facebook daily, but she has been grounded the entire summer. I've missed talking with her. So that was super nice. Hopefully she gets out of trouble soon and stays out of it!

Saturday we found Kaeden's shin guards and soccer cleats at the airmen's attic. YAY for no cost soccer supplies! We also found Brennan a drop and roar dinosaur which I am so excited about. Kaeden loved his, we just need to buy the balls that go in it, but we have plenty of time. We went over to Chad's friends house that afternoon to watch the UFC fight. We stayed a pretty good while, and there were a bunch of kids there so I think everyone ended up having a great time.

This weekend has been a fun one for cooking! I made some cheese stuffed jalapeno things. These are so delicious and so amazing. They are perfect for football season which is right around the corner (GO VOLS!) so I thought I'd show y'all how I make 'em!
Okay so get some Jalepenos. I usually like them smaller than this but I'll take what I can get at the commisary.
Slice them in half length wise like so:

Scoop out their guts in a pile of glory!
Fill them with cream cheese!
Swaddle them like an infant in bacon, then stick a tooth pick through the bacon and jalapeno to hold it together

*note I don't swaddle infants in bacon, that would just be a waste. I also don't stab infants with toothpicks.

Bake them in an oven on 325-350ish (depends on how your stove cooks) until they look like this!!! Arrange on a plate or just shovel into your mouth!!

So these were spicy. I couldn't eat them, which is a shame. Don't worry though little guys, I'll be back for you!

I also made one of my favorite meals tonight for me and Kaeden. Home made alfredo. It's so, so easy. I want you to try it! Do you read this mom---TRY IT! I better enjoy this meal now because after Brennan is born and I'm trying to lose weight this recipe will NOT be happening in my house.

This is all that you need!!!
Because this is a meal Kaeden actually eats, I let him pick out whatever kind of noodles he wants. Last time was bowties, this time was rigatoni!

While your noodles are cooking, melt 1 cup of butter in a saucepan

When it melts, add a cup of heavy cream...I don't have a picture of this just do it. When it's all warmed up together add some black pepper to it. I also add garlic powder cause I like the slight garlic flavor it gives it.
Now shred your block of parm cheese. DO NOT USE CANNED. JUST DON'T!

Add your butter/cream mixture into the cheese like so:
Let it sit there for a bit, these guys are becoming BFFs. Once it's sat for a bit add your drained noddles on top and toss, toss, toss! It will eventually look like this:

One thing I really love about this, aside from the butter and cheese is that it's really good the second day and I am not usually a left overs kinda person.
Both recipes come from Pioneer Woman (I love her almost as much as Paula Deen), and can be found here:

Oh and incase you were wondering about the title. Pluots are probably one of my favorite fruits (I love the dapple dandy). Usually Chad and I have to go to the farm and pick our own, which is SO fun and we will probably still do anyway...but today I found them in the commisary!!!! I was so excited! So if you see them in your stores, pick up one cause they really are awesome :)

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