Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Oh the things we learn....

I have learned a lot over the past few days since I posted last. Lets just start a list....

1. I can NOT be trusted around powdered white donuts.
2. I only takes me about 3 miles to eat chow mein and 2 entrees of orange chicken.
3. It would be VERY bad of you to make a comment about how much I eat.
4. The inside of your belly button can get stretch marks. Yeah, that's a fun one.
5. Sometimes you have to rest, even if it's for a couple days.
6. Crayons, or crayon pieces on a towel, no matter how small WILL melt in a dryer.
7. Sometimes the people you thought you would be friends forever with slip away. We don't know how, we don't know why, but it happens.
8. I am addicted to
9. My son never, ever, ever, ever stops talking. EVER.

So Kaeden and I haven't been as busy as we were because I started to get really wore out. I was having contractions a lot more than I probably should have, and I was really exhausted. I've been trying to take it easy the past couple days and it has really helped. I'm so ready for Chad to be back (2 days!!!)

So many things are happening so quickly and I am beyond excited and a little nervous. I am 34 weeks today. WOW! While I feel like I've been pregnant forever, it has really gone quickly and as it's getting closer to the end it's going even faster. The callender is filling up pretty quick. I am the teacher appreciation chair for Kaeden's school so I am going to be doing the teacher appreciation events throughout the year. I'm really excited to be able to get the chance to involve myself so heavily in his school! Kaeden starts school on Monday, we are both so very excited :) Also a week from today, I officially become a SOCCER MOM!!! K really wanted to play flag football but they didn't have a coach so soccer it is! Life is about to get very busy around here, but busy is good.

I got a couple more things I have been wanting/needing for Brennan. I found him a stuffed tractor to go in his room, and when you press the hood it makes the sound like a running tractor. Kaeden and I also melted crayons on a canvas and it turned out like this:

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