Friday, August 19, 2011

The new

Yesterday was Kaeden's Kindergarten orientation. We got to see his classroom, and meet his teacher. I could tell he was VERY nervous, but he did okay. His teacher seems really nice, and I know he will be in good hands for the few hours he will be away. The teacher had each student draw a picture and write their name. He did really well, except I had to tell him how to spell our last name. (I blocked it out in the picture, because this is a public blog and I AM one of those paranoid moms). I'm glad I'll get the original back, because I didn't mean to edit the original....but I did!

Yesterday, I also had a doctor appointment. I am so thankful for 'cut the rope' on android, cause that kept Kaeden busy for the hour we had to wait! Usually K doesn't come to appointments with me, one reason is because the wait at this office is horrible and I don't want to torture him (most days!) but the other reason is because he's very curious and he's also really good at putting two and two together. So we are waiting for the doctor, keep in mind I'm at an OB, and their are posters hanging all around. You know, THOSE posters. So here starts the questions and comments.

Kaeden: "That lady has boobies"
Me: "Yep, she does"

Kaeden: "What is this?"
Me: "It's an ovary"
Kaeden: "What does it do"
Me: "It releases an egg that eventually becomes a baby" (That was good right?!)
Kaeden: "I never knew that!!!!"
I'm thinking, I certainly hope not!

Kaeden:(while look over at the one poster I don't want him to that shows the three stages of labor) "MOMMY!!!!! I know how baby Brennan is going to come out!"
Me: "You do?!"
Kaeden: "Yep, like this"
Me: "That's right."
Kaeden: "Is that going to hurt?"
Me: "Um,'s going to hurt."
Kaeden: "Did I hurt you?"
Me: (at this point I don't want to make him feel bad)"Yes, it hurt, but not that much they gave mommy a special medicine that helped with the pain."
Kaeden: "I think Brennan is going to hurt as much as I did then."

Overall, it was much better than I expected. I try my best to be as honest as I can without warping his little 5 year old mind.

Brennan is doing well. His HB was 141 :) The only thing that was bad weight gain. No one wants to hear they are gaining too much weight, especially not a pregnant woman. Luckily my doctor smoothed it over by telling me she doesn't know where it's going, because I do not look nearly as big as what the scale says. Maybe I'm trying to protect myself, but I don't think I look what the scale says either. Either way, she suggested that I look over this pregnancy diet information and see if there were changes I could make. Of course there are changes I can make, starting with no powdered donuts and no panda express! So until my next appointment I'm going to keep a diary of food/drinks I eat and if I gain a lot more weight in between then we are just going to have to look at the food journal to see what can be done. It will be hard, because I love food...but I like not gaining weight equally as much. Next appointment is on mine and Chad's 9 year anniversary, August 30 <3

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