Sunday, August 28, 2011

Is the end of the weekend--week beginning?

This weekend has flown by, which I kind of hate. I love being able to spend the whole day with my little family, and slack on the chores!

As far as weekends go this one was a wonderful one! Friday night Chad, Kaeden and I went out to eat for mine and Chad's anniversary. We had a really nice slow dinner, came back home put K to bed and watched Due Date. It was okay. It had some hilarious parts but at the same time they were only hilarious because of how awkward the movie is at times.

On Saturday, my friend Jenny threw us a "sprinkle". If you aren't familiar with this concept, it's generally done for babies after your first one. So it's not a full out "shower", but a "sprinkle" instead. Several of our friends showed up for some *excellent* food and a really good time! I didn't take ONE picture. I know it's highly unlike me, but I was having a really good time and I just didn't think about it. That is until I got home. :( I hope Brennan never asks, Chad assures me that his man genes will prevent him from caring if anyone threw him a party or not. We got a lot of great things, some stuff I hadn't even thought about getting him. Like hats, it's hard to think my baby will need a hat when it's freaking 110 degrees outside. Saturday was also a very fun mail day. I got my pants for the hospital, the two woombies I ordered, and the football and soccer baby legs! Much to my surprise K has already jacked the soccer baby legs and has been wearing them as arm warmers. I never thought he would be interested, especially with the fact that it's 110!!! I ended up getting sick Saturday night, and I was just overall miserable. Luckily for me Chad is amazing and let me sleep. I feel much better today, thankfully.

Today, has been a lazyesk day. I've watched the boys play Mario on Wii all day. I did manage to make a wonderful homemade pizza (down to the dough) and some homemade peach ice cream!

I used this recipe for the pizza:

Kaeden wasn't too happy about the chicken but he surprisingly didn't say anything about the spinach or basil, YAY! He watched me make it too, so it's not like I hid it from him. I think he was just way too impressed with my pizza dough tossing skills. HAHA

This week seems like it will be a busy one, especially Tuesday. I have a feeling by Tuesday night, I'm going to be exhausted.

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