Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I'm a soccer mom!!!!

It is hot as holy hades here. I'm not even playing. Chad's truck said it was 110 earlier. I wanted to cry. I'm 35 weeks today, YAY! It kinda freaks me out that if Brennan is anything like Kaeden he will be here in two weeks! SO NOT READY!

Kaeden has really been enjoying kindergarten. He gets dressed every morning without being told and asks me from about 9:30 on when it's time to go to school. He's very motivated with his homework, and does it right when we get home. It frustrates him that it's just tracing his name and he already knows how to write his name, but I just tried to explain that other kids don't know how to write their names and the teacher is trying to get them caught up. I found out today he got a "yellow card warning" which means he *almost* got a yellow card for whispering. I wish I had reacted better when he told Chad and I cause I made him cry. He hates disappointing us, and I made a bigger deal out of it than what it really is. If he had gotten a yellow card, sure...but he didn't. Like Nick Jr. says, "I'm not perfect, I'm a parent." Hopefully I didn't destroy any open communication he felt like he could have with us.

Today was his first day at soccer practice. He really was hesitant about going, but he ended up having a lot of fun (like we knew he would)! I tried to take some pictures, thank God for zoom. If these are bad, it's because I was in the dugout and he was all the way in the field but mama needed shade!!

I'm also proud because tonight I made some amazing chicken and dumplings! They were super easy and I mean....they were good. How good you ask? So good that Kaeden said the words "mmmmmm" and "these are good". Those words only get said to noodles, bread and cookies so I feel totally accomplished. I took a picture of the final product for my Karabear. You know, like Chad just said chicken and dumplings, no mater how good, just don't LOOK good.

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