Sunday, August 21, 2011

Daddy is home!

Chad got home Friday night, and it was clear that everyone down to the puppies had missed him. I heard him pull up outside and Kaeden took off. I wish I had thought about taking pictures but I was being just a bit to lazy!

Overall, I have felt like complete crap this weekend. I still have a headache. I've tried taking sinus medicine, not looking at the computer, and hibernating. It was the worst yesterday, literally like wearing sunglasses in the grocery store. Last night I thought quite possibly Brennan was going to punch a hole in my uterus, it was just not fun at all. I don't quite remember Kaeden being this active. Despite my feeling crappy I managed to make brown butter, bacon chocolate chip cookies and they turned out really good. I took pics, but really I'm just to tired to get my camera and upload the pics. I will tomorrow....


It's Kaeden's first day of school! We are all so excited. I'm sure I will have lots of stories for tomorrow's blog. But for now, I'm going to make some mahi mahi for dinner and finish up the laundry. I can't believe August is coming to a close.

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