Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

So today is mine and Chad's 9 year anniversary, very exciting stuff!

We decided not to buy each other gifts this year and instead open a savings account for us to go to Hawaii. Instead of buying Chad a card, I made him several and I saw this idea on pintrest and KNEW it would be perfect. It cost about the same as buying him a card but said EXACTLY what I wanted it to say!

I'm sure you can imagine my surprise when I opened my card and found this:

I was even more shocked when I saw how much he put aside in our "special" savings for the trip. I didn't do a good job of not spending money this month, buying for a baby is WAY too much fun. After seeing this though, I am super motivated to make sure we have a great family vacation.

Today I had a doctor appointment. It went well. I didn't gain any weight, horray!!! Brennan's heartbeat was good, blood pressure good, etc. I had an exam done and found out I'm 3.5cm, 60% effaced and he was a -3 station. I'm one of those type of people that try not to look into things as a lot of women walk around for weeks and weeks at 3 and 4 cm; however I was 3cm, 80% effaced with K and had him 2 days later. I don't expect to have Brennan in 2 days, but I don't anticipate him making it the full 40 either. My next appointment is on Tuesday.

The base cancelled soccer yesterday due to the heat, it has been extra miserable here lately. I was thankful for it but Kaeden was bummed. Instead we did a craft. It didn't turn out how I pictured it but he was a fan of it anyway.

Glow in the dark paint was FUN!

Today I spent most of the day at the school getting ready for the PTO Teacher Appreciation Dinner, which thankfully went really well. It took a lot of hard work and effort so I'm glad it paid off. I still have to go back and clean in the AM.

I also had Kaeden's "open house" night where his teacher talked about what all he would be learning this year and everything sounded really good. It was fun to come home with things he was currently doing and actually have him talk about them for a change.

I came home to a nice, hot, fresh PIZZA. Chad made a good call on that one, cause I sure was too tired to cook!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Is the end of the weekend--week beginning?

This weekend has flown by, which I kind of hate. I love being able to spend the whole day with my little family, and slack on the chores!

As far as weekends go this one was a wonderful one! Friday night Chad, Kaeden and I went out to eat for mine and Chad's anniversary. We had a really nice slow dinner, came back home put K to bed and watched Due Date. It was okay. It had some hilarious parts but at the same time they were only hilarious because of how awkward the movie is at times.

On Saturday, my friend Jenny threw us a "sprinkle". If you aren't familiar with this concept, it's generally done for babies after your first one. So it's not a full out "shower", but a "sprinkle" instead. Several of our friends showed up for some *excellent* food and a really good time! I didn't take ONE picture. I know it's highly unlike me, but I was having a really good time and I just didn't think about it. That is until I got home. :( I hope Brennan never asks, Chad assures me that his man genes will prevent him from caring if anyone threw him a party or not. We got a lot of great things, some stuff I hadn't even thought about getting him. Like hats, it's hard to think my baby will need a hat when it's freaking 110 degrees outside. Saturday was also a very fun mail day. I got my pants for the hospital, the two woombies I ordered, and the football and soccer baby legs! Much to my surprise K has already jacked the soccer baby legs and has been wearing them as arm warmers. I never thought he would be interested, especially with the fact that it's 110!!! I ended up getting sick Saturday night, and I was just overall miserable. Luckily for me Chad is amazing and let me sleep. I feel much better today, thankfully.

Today, has been a lazyesk day. I've watched the boys play Mario on Wii all day. I did manage to make a wonderful homemade pizza (down to the dough) and some homemade peach ice cream!

I used this recipe for the pizza: http://www.mommiecooks.com/2011/01/19/white-pizza-recipe/

Kaeden wasn't too happy about the chicken but he surprisingly didn't say anything about the spinach or basil, YAY! He watched me make it too, so it's not like I hid it from him. I think he was just way too impressed with my pizza dough tossing skills. HAHA

This week seems like it will be a busy one, especially Tuesday. I have a feeling by Tuesday night, I'm going to be exhausted.

Friday, August 26, 2011

"Fun Food Friday"

Okay, I don't know if this will be the only "Fun Food Friday" I do....only time will tell.

I got the idea from this blog, which is WAY, WAY, WAY better than mine.

So I tried one of the ones she did, and while I really suck at "art"...Kaeden was impressed!!! (It's supposed to be a castle, with a sun, and some ocean water and fish LOL)

I would like to say how really easy it is to cut a tortilla and I will be doing it again. I also would like to make a note here in case my son ever tries to say he wasn't "spoiled" as a child cause...I totally juiced an orange for you...with a fork. You got that kid. A FORK! Now run along, mommy clearly loves you.

EDIT: I'm laughing so hard cause I just noticed one of the fish was upside down. Poor dude. Obviously global warming has it affect on every creature.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I'm a soccer mom!!!!

It is hot as holy hades here. I'm not even playing. Chad's truck said it was 110 earlier. I wanted to cry. I'm 35 weeks today, YAY! It kinda freaks me out that if Brennan is anything like Kaeden he will be here in two weeks! SO NOT READY!

Kaeden has really been enjoying kindergarten. He gets dressed every morning without being told and asks me from about 9:30 on when it's time to go to school. He's very motivated with his homework, and does it right when we get home. It frustrates him that it's just tracing his name and he already knows how to write his name, but I just tried to explain that other kids don't know how to write their names and the teacher is trying to get them caught up. I found out today he got a "yellow card warning" which means he *almost* got a yellow card for whispering. I wish I had reacted better when he told Chad and I cause I made him cry. He hates disappointing us, and I made a bigger deal out of it than what it really is. If he had gotten a yellow card, sure...but he didn't. Like Nick Jr. says, "I'm not perfect, I'm a parent." Hopefully I didn't destroy any open communication he felt like he could have with us.

Today was his first day at soccer practice. He really was hesitant about going, but he ended up having a lot of fun (like we knew he would)! I tried to take some pictures, thank God for zoom. If these are bad, it's because I was in the dugout and he was all the way in the field but mama needed shade!!

I'm also proud because tonight I made some amazing chicken and dumplings! They were super easy and I mean....they were good. How good you ask? So good that Kaeden said the words "mmmmmm" and "these are good". Those words only get said to noodles, bread and cookies so I feel totally accomplished. I took a picture of the final product for my Karabear. You know, like Chad just said chicken and dumplings, no mater how good, just don't LOOK good.

Monday, August 22, 2011

First Day: Part Two

I picked Kaeden up from school and he said his day was "super good"! YAY! He said he made one friend with a spiderman shirt on but he doesn't remember his name. He also said there was a kid in his class with a rotten tooth. I know, I know...these kids. I asked him how he knew he had a rotten tooth and he said, "Cause he yelled it to the teacher." Kid cracks me up. I asked him if he was ready to go back tomorrow and he said yes. Horray!

After school we went and got a sno cone, I was so glad they were open.

My head is STILL killing me so I'm trying to make this quick.

Kaeden had been asking me to ride his bike without training wheels when Chad was gone. Given his track record of daddy leaving and getting injured there was no way I was letting him do it. So he asked Chad today and they tried. Needless to say, we have some work to do :)

Can you spot the 3 things wrong in this picture. (Answers below)

There he goes again with that tongue...

....and a shot at Brennan

Answers to trivia:
1. His pants are WAY to short. Time for mama to get some more jeans.
2. He has one knee pad and one elbow pad.
3. His shoes are on the wrong feet.

First Day: Part One

Chad and I just dropped Kaeden off for his first day of KINDERGARTEN!

I think he was so excited this morning. Ever hour it was "Is it time for school yet?" Finally...it was time.

I had asked him some questions so that I would know some answers to life's very important questions. I want to keep doing this on the first day of school for as long as he will let me.


Color: Blue and Orange and sometimes purple

Food: Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches

TV Show: A super hero show on netflix (I have no idea which one he's talking about, I'll just assume all of them)

Song: Dynomite by Tao Cruz (I also find this funny as 99% of the time we listen to country)

Animal: Puppies and Zebras

Sport: All of them

What do you want to be when you grow up: A puppy doctor

What age is old: 100

What toy do you want the most: Leapster Explorer LeapSchool game and Battle Balls

So here are some pictures and I'll be sure and make another post after I pick him up. Hopefully he will have some stories to tell, but a lot of the times he is very hush hush about what goes on.

A special day deserves a special lunch :)

Somehow this look totally sums up his cocky attitude

K with his teacher

Leading the pack into the first day of school!

Outside of school!

I would also like to say, Chad and I went to subway and it was probably our first "date" since Valentine's Day. It was AWESOME!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Daddy is home!

Chad got home Friday night, and it was clear that everyone down to the puppies had missed him. I heard him pull up outside and Kaeden took off. I wish I had thought about taking pictures but I was being just a bit to lazy!

Overall, I have felt like complete crap this weekend. I still have a headache. I've tried taking sinus medicine, not looking at the computer, and hibernating. It was the worst yesterday, literally like wearing sunglasses in the grocery store. Last night I thought quite possibly Brennan was going to punch a hole in my uterus, it was just not fun at all. I don't quite remember Kaeden being this active. Despite my feeling crappy I managed to make brown butter, bacon chocolate chip cookies and they turned out really good. I took pics, but really I'm just to tired to get my camera and upload the pics. I will tomorrow....


It's Kaeden's first day of school! We are all so excited. I'm sure I will have lots of stories for tomorrow's blog. But for now, I'm going to make some mahi mahi for dinner and finish up the laundry. I can't believe August is coming to a close.

Friday, August 19, 2011

The new

Yesterday was Kaeden's Kindergarten orientation. We got to see his classroom, and meet his teacher. I could tell he was VERY nervous, but he did okay. His teacher seems really nice, and I know he will be in good hands for the few hours he will be away. The teacher had each student draw a picture and write their name. He did really well, except I had to tell him how to spell our last name. (I blocked it out in the picture, because this is a public blog and I AM one of those paranoid moms). I'm glad I'll get the original back, because I didn't mean to edit the original....but I did!

Yesterday, I also had a doctor appointment. I am so thankful for 'cut the rope' on android, cause that kept Kaeden busy for the hour we had to wait! Usually K doesn't come to appointments with me, one reason is because the wait at this office is horrible and I don't want to torture him (most days!) but the other reason is because he's very curious and he's also really good at putting two and two together. So we are waiting for the doctor, keep in mind I'm at an OB, and their are posters hanging all around. You know, THOSE posters. So here starts the questions and comments.

Kaeden: "That lady has boobies"
Me: "Yep, she does"

Kaeden: "What is this?"
Me: "It's an ovary"
Kaeden: "What does it do"
Me: "It releases an egg that eventually becomes a baby" (That was good right?!)
Kaeden: "I never knew that!!!!"
I'm thinking, I certainly hope not!

Kaeden:(while look over at the one poster I don't want him to that shows the three stages of labor) "MOMMY!!!!! I know how baby Brennan is going to come out!"
Me: "You do?!"
Kaeden: "Yep, like this"
Me: "That's right."
Kaeden: "Is that going to hurt?"
Me: "Um, yep...it's going to hurt."
Kaeden: "Did I hurt you?"
Me: (at this point I don't want to make him feel bad)"Yes, it hurt, but not that much they gave mommy a special medicine that helped with the pain."
Kaeden: "I think Brennan is going to hurt as much as I did then."

Overall, it was much better than I expected. I try my best to be as honest as I can without warping his little 5 year old mind.

Brennan is doing well. His HB was 141 :) The only thing that was bad was....my weight gain. No one wants to hear they are gaining too much weight, especially not a pregnant woman. Luckily my doctor smoothed it over by telling me she doesn't know where it's going, because I do not look nearly as big as what the scale says. Maybe I'm trying to protect myself, but I don't think I look what the scale says either. Either way, she suggested that I look over this pregnancy diet information and see if there were changes I could make. Of course there are changes I can make, starting with no powdered donuts and no panda express! So until my next appointment I'm going to keep a diary of food/drinks I eat and if I gain a lot more weight in between then we are just going to have to look at the food journal to see what can be done. It will be hard, because I love food...but I like not gaining weight equally as much. Next appointment is on mine and Chad's 9 year anniversary, August 30 <3

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Oh the things we learn....

I have learned a lot over the past few days since I posted last. Lets just start a list....

1. I can NOT be trusted around powdered white donuts.
2. I only takes me about 3 miles to eat chow mein and 2 entrees of orange chicken.
3. It would be VERY bad of you to make a comment about how much I eat.
4. The inside of your belly button can get stretch marks. Yeah, that's a fun one.
5. Sometimes you have to rest, even if it's for a couple days.
6. Crayons, or crayon pieces on a towel, no matter how small WILL melt in a dryer.
7. Sometimes the people you thought you would be friends forever with slip away. We don't know how, we don't know why, but it happens.
8. I am addicted to www.pintrest.com
9. My son never, ever, ever, ever stops talking. EVER.

So Kaeden and I haven't been as busy as we were because I started to get really wore out. I was having contractions a lot more than I probably should have, and I was really exhausted. I've been trying to take it easy the past couple days and it has really helped. I'm so ready for Chad to be back (2 days!!!)

So many things are happening so quickly and I am beyond excited and a little nervous. I am 34 weeks today. WOW! While I feel like I've been pregnant forever, it has really gone quickly and as it's getting closer to the end it's going even faster. The callender is filling up pretty quick. I am the teacher appreciation chair for Kaeden's school so I am going to be doing the teacher appreciation events throughout the year. I'm really excited to be able to get the chance to involve myself so heavily in his school! Kaeden starts school on Monday, we are both so very excited :) Also a week from today, I officially become a SOCCER MOM!!! K really wanted to play flag football but they didn't have a coach so soccer it is! Life is about to get very busy around here, but busy is good.

I got a couple more things I have been wanting/needing for Brennan. I found him a stuffed tractor to go in his room, and when you press the hood it makes the sound like a running tractor. Kaeden and I also melted crayons on a canvas and it turned out like this:

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Rocket Man!!!!

Yesterday Kaeden and I continued the DIY frenzy we have been on and made a rocket pack out of some 1.5 liter bottles, duct tape and tissue paper. I know, it sounds so McGyver! Anyway he loves it. I actually had to remove it from his sleeping body last night. I think every man, woman and child NEEDS one of these rocket packs! I'm even considering making a tee-tiny one out of super small gator aide bottles for Brennan's newborn photos!

Yesterday was kind of a rough day. Mostly emotionally. As I was looking around the shed for the duct tape, I happened to look over to Kaeden's kiddy pool and noticed a mouse in it. DEAD. MOUSE. If you know me, you'll know this was like instant frozen horror. If you don't know me, you just have no idea the lengths I will go to avoid ever seeing a mouse again. I HATE them. So I'm freaking out, I mean completely. I know I have to get it out but how. I finally decided I'm leaving it in there until Chad gets back. Then as my criminal justice training kicked in, I realised if I left that mouse in a pool for 7 days it would...just...not be good. So after freaking out, I called my mom (like she can do anything 2,000 miles away) and just had her talk to me on the phone. I fished it out with a leaf skimmer and threw his dead mouse ass over the fence. After that I was pretty much numb all day. I freaking HATE mice. Overall, I'm proud that I was able to do it. I really didn't think I was capable.

Today has been good, both boys let me sleep until 8! WOO HOO! Around noon, I started to get antsy and K asked to go to the playground so I told him we would go to subway, grab lunch, and head over. Subway was undergoing renovations, so there were closed. I drove K by Burger King to get a kids meal and decided I want Chinese. Well, apparently it's only open during the week FML. The playground was miserable hot. Like I sweat in places I shouldn't, pregnant or not. We didn't stay long and after grocery shopping we are back in our nice cool, air conditioned house. So far we haven't done any crafts today but I did manage to take some REALLY cool pictures of a grass hopper that landed on my window at BK.

Tomorrow seems like it's going to be one of those try to clean and organize the house days. We shall see....

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sometimes I do things against my better judgement

Today, that was letting Kaeden paint with acrylic paints instead of washable.

We learned that a shower in the morning isn't always such a bad thing. He has a knack for "catching" bubbles and I love when I can get photos like this:

The reason we HAD to use acrylic paint, even when I suggested otherwise, was because Kaeden was going to paint his very first bird house. Trust me when I say we have NO issues attracting birds around here so I made sure he picked the smallest bird house they had with the smallest hole. He didn't want to use washable paint in case the sprinklers could washed away the paint, smart kid.

So here are some pictures of the beloved birdhouse. He's seriously so proud of it. I'm really proud of it too, cause so far it's been out in the wind for about 11 hours!

I LOVE this picture. It reminds me so much of my uncle Mike and of myself. We couldn't do anything "hard" with our tongues in our mouth!

The final product hanging in Kaeden's "pet" tree

He also wanted to make a dinosaur habitat which I thought was a cool idea a few days ago. Kaeden was a dinosaur fanatic at one point so we have dinosaurs of EVERY size. Seriously. It ranges from the tiny ones that you step on to the giant remote control ones that everyone used to stop in Target to play with. I thought this was a good way to "showcase" some of the smaller ones.

If you can't tell today was "project day". It was fun, but I am POOPED! We made some animals out of Kaeden's hand and feet prints. This time I used WASHABLE paint! I'm excited that we did these so that I can put them in his "5 year old book" and compare them to next year!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Chronicles of Captain Kaeden

Today we decided to make a comic book staring Captain Kaeden!

It didn't turn out quite like I was hoping becuase you can see the house in the background instead of just "sky", but I wanted to be in the shade because it was like a million degrees out here and I'm way pregnant.

So without further delay..... CAPTAIN KAEDEN!!!!

Our city was being destroyed by bug-bots

It's a bird....It's a plane....

No it's Captain Kaeden to our rescue!

It was a vicious battle...

but Captain Kaeden didn't give up!

Our city is safe again thanks to.....