Saturday, July 30, 2011

Progress is Progress

Today has been a day of progress which is always exciting to report.

Kaeden, as I mentioned probably 100 times in previous posts, has been waking up at hours I don't like to associate myself with. So one morning while I was trying to make him breakfast in order to crawl back in bed, he started opening all the blinds. It was then as I was melting on the floor that I realized when the sun starts coming up it directly hits his windows. This is unacceptable! We still had some blackout curtains from when we lived in Alaska and I had Chad hang them up. Chad and I probably woke up around 7:30 this morning, and K was still passed out. It was wonderful. Around 9am he starts yelling "guys, guys" and he didn't want to come out of his room. Chad went to go check on him and he is all confused asking "Is it morning time or not?" HAHAHAHAHA Opperation keep Kaeden in bed until after 7 -a success. Watch tomorrow, I'll pay dearly for this post.

Chad and our neighbor Scott, were successful in getting Chad's quad fixed. Something about a bent steering column and blah blah blah. Either way, I hope it's fixed because it brings a source of joy to Chad and that's important to me. Opperation fix Chad's quad without spending money-a success.

For dinner tonight Chad grilled tri tip, it's amazing I'm not going to lie. In fact next time he makes it I really should post his recipe and "how to" so you can make it to. That really wasn't the success although any meal that's as tasty as this was deserves a hats off. The big success is... KAEDEN ATE IT. That's right people, my little herbavoire had steak and potatoes tonight! He didn't complain but he ate it slow. I don't care I consider opperation not raise a vegetarian-a SLOW success!

I'm thinking he knows he needs loads of protien if he wants to be able to lift more weights than this. Apparently going into a garage produces an overflow of male hormones and causes you to either want to throw 6 darts at once or lift random things as much as you can. Kaeden did both today. He was pretty proud that he got up to 20 pounds. Opperation train Kaeden to play football for UT-working on it!

It also rained today, which was incredible. It lasted like 6 1/2 minutes! I haven't seen rain since I was in Tennessee (in May) and I'm not even 100% sure it rained then. If it didn't rain in Tennessee I honestly can not tell you the last time I saw percipitation other than when it snowed in Janurary. Seriously. It's all blue skys and hot as hell here. It is really awesome cause I get a lot of use out of my sunglasses, but some days I just long for a thunderstorm. I got one today, as short as it was! As usual Denver was a complete disaster...bless his little puppy heart :(

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  1. something about a steering column and a blah blah blah huh? lol. The blackout curtains were awesome but he isn't sleeping in too much longer. I guess 0730 is better than 0630 anyday though.